Vertical, Roman & Roller Blinds

The wide bodied System is an extremely practical headrail system for vertical blinds. It provides an easily fitted and efficient method of light control and millions of these headrails are fitted throughout the world. The rail comes powder coated in the colours of White, Brown, Gold or Silver. It has been specifically designed for the contract market to support the heaviest weights of louvres and yet the chamfered shape ensures that the headrail is quite unobtrusive and comes with two distinct advantages. It softens the appearance of the headrail so that it blends more readily into its surroundings. Secondly it gives additional clearance to tilt and turn windows allowing the blind to be fitted nearer the window frame. Using the traditional cord and chain operational system.

Roman Blinds

These efficient yet aesthetically appealing Roman Blinds are available in a wide range of attractive colours with colour co-ordinated cord and headrails. Each blind is manufactured using a combination of the latest technology and traditional skills. Every blind is hand finished with an integral fabric pelmet that covers the cord exit hole from the cord lock. All blinds are hand-stitched to produce a very high quality finish and to ensure there is no stitching visible on the face of the blind, a design feature that highlights the quality appearance of the finished product. The pockets on the rear of the blind are formed from the lining to guarantee a continuity of pattern, all blinds are supplied with sewn in rods.

The our range of fabrics have been taken from suppliers throughout Europe and contains a wide variety of semi-plain and patterned fabrics. All blinds are manufactured with a standard ecru lining although coloured, blackout and flameretardant linings are also available. Customers own fabrics and linings can also be used if required.

Roller Blinds

Roller blinds an extensive range of traditional and designer fabrics selected from suppliers throughout the UK and Europe. Many of the fabrics are flame retardant including ranges with a solar protective coating to improve solar performance.

Available in both lightweight and heavy-duty systems our ranges of roller blinds are suitable for the majority of domestic and commercial applications. Complimented by an extensive range of high quality flameretardant fabrics, selected from some of the most prestigious fabric houses in the United Kingdom and beyond.

The standard roller blind is manufactured using a 32mm diameter aluminium tube and is opperated using a white or transparant chain. For larger Roller blinds or when using very heavy fabric then we recommend the heavy duty System 45, this can lift up to 10kg (24lbs).

The endless cord control overcomes many of the problems associated with more complex mechanisms. The anti crash device, a great improvement on ratchet or clutch systems, uses a spiral wound spring that locks the blind into position as soon as the control chain is released. Where it is deemed more suitable a spring unit is also available for system 32 applications.

Wooden & Aluminium Venetian Blinds

Aluminium Venetain

Venetian Blinds combine high functional efficiency with strong aesthetic appeal and are available in a wide range of attractive colours with colour coordinated rails, braid and cord.

The slats are manufactured from aluminium alloys coated with the highest quality polyester-based paint - designed to withstand 500 hours at 100% humidity and tested to withstand both salt spray solution and accelerated weathering.

The cord lock is a crash proof design and of clear durable plastic containing a metal roller over which the cords ride. The floating knurled brass rollers are designed to lock the cord at any length without tearing. A metal cord separator guide prevents the cords from becoming entangled.

Continent and Classic Venetian Blinds are selected for their sturdy and durable qualities as well as their attractive appearance. These blinds are usually preferred when creating that individual look by means of a choice from of over twenty-five wide woven ladder tapes.

Further enhancement of the appearance can be achieved by choosing from our extensive range of designer toggles, including Acorn, Pear, Teardrop, Classic and Classic Brass.

A whole new approach to privacy has been achieved with the 25mm privacy blind. This has been designed to ensure that sun-spots on work areas and screens are eliminated and offers improved room darkening performance for use in AV or VDU areas. The Privacy Blind is an ideal solution for working in the home or the office.

Wooden Venetain

Tough, natural and warm - as only wood can be, our designer range of Woodcraft Timber Blinds are hand built, using the durable Classic venetian blind system.

Manufactured from the finest North American Basswood - a hard wearing, tight grained wood of superior strength, ecologically approved and able to resist the bowing usually associated with other timber blinds. The Woodcraft slatting is available in 25mm and 50mm slats up to 2.4m wide. The finished blind is complemented with matching timber bottom rail, tassels and a moulded pelmet to cover the colour co-ordinated headrail mechanism.

A stunning range of 12 elegant colours compliments the natural beauty of the wood tones. The timber is processed using the latest equipment to stain, sand, lacquer, de-nib and then finally buffed to a very even satin finish. Select from Larch, Sycamore, Cottonwood, Camphorwood, Jacaranda, Crabwood, Baywood, Cinnamon Red, Cypress Green, Polar White, Ash and Spruce.

Create that individual look by selecting from a choice of over 25 co-ordinating woven ladder tapes for both 25mm and 50mm slat.

All cords are matching and come fitted with a barrel shape toggle as standard, to further enhance the appearance choose from our extensive range of designer toggles, including Acorn, Pear, Teardrop, Classic and Classic Brass.

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